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WELLNESS AND AESTHETICS CARE CENTER, LLC. in Houston, Texas provides unparalleled healthcare and wellness services, from weight management to body-enhancing surgical and non-surgical procedures. Explore this page to learn more about our offers.

Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight for your body can help prevent the onset of many chronic medical conditions, including diabetes, mellitus type 2, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, certain type of cancer, osteoarthrittis, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, kidney disease,. It is one of the most important things to maintain in order to live a healthy life. That is why as a trained and speicalty practitioner who had been advocating for patient safety care for many years as a critical care register nurse, I now here as your personal practitioner committed to helping you achieve and keep the right weight for you by individualizing your treatment plan as you travel this personal journey.

Each person will gain and lose weight as a result of many factors including genes, metabolism, age, diet, exercise etc. Each situation is unique so this highly effective weight management program is catered to your lifestyle. Your personal practitioner will sit with you to assess the best ways for you to manage your weight. Like with any other weight loss regimen, exercise is an integral part of lossing and maintaing weight. So for this program, at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes exercise daily, preferably walk,but no strenous exercises(eg: weight-lifting or heavy running).

Weight and Your Health

Obesity is second on the list of preventable causes of death. It increases the risk of getting heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, liver disease, cancer, arthritis and infertility. Do you know if you’re overweight? Medical professionals use the BMI (Body Mass Index) system to determine whether or not you are overweight according to your height. This highly effective weight management program will successfully keep you within the normal BMI if found to be overweight.

Do You Know Your BMI?

        • Normal weight: BMI of 18.5 to 24.9
        • Overweight: BMI of 25 to 29.9
        • Obesity: BMI of 30 and higher

What is in the Clean Start Weight Loss Program

A comprehensive medical evaluation to pin the underlying causes of weight gain and loss. Most importantly, you will have your personal 1:1 practitioner as your support system and will be there to motivate as you throughout your journey. The package includes:

  • A complete labwork, including thyroid testing, cbc and bmp.
  • hCG injection with B12 included(combine together to give extra energy)
  • Weekly assessment and checking in with your personal practitioner
  • Every two weeks of fat-burner injection: Lipotropic of MIC(Methionine, Inositol, choline) plus b12 injection to give an extra boost and energy.
  • Guidebook (how it works, loading days with menu, diet days with food listings, what to expect the first week).
  • Cookbook(Over 50-recipes, including drinks receipes, Rubs, proteins dishes, vegetarian options, vegetables recipes, meal preparation tips, maintenance phase receipes and caloric counts.).
  • Food Journal(Track meals, track water intake, track daily calories track morning weight, help when plateaus occur and help with motivations(YOUR PRACTITIONER).

Tips, Sheets, and Caloric Counts

The Clean Start program has two plans:

  • 23-day plan: This plan is usually best for people who want to lose at least 15lbs
  • 40-day plan: This is usually best for people with more than 15 pounds to lose

What is HCG?

HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy. Its main purpose during pregnancy is to supply the growing fetus with the nourishment through metabolizing fat from the mother’s body.

Dr. Simeons proposed the method of HCG diet against obesity that became famous among many people around the world. He observed this pattern of fat metabolism in most of the pregnant mothers and found that HCG hormone alters the hypothalamic regulatory centers. Hence, this alteration in the hypothalamus helps to reverse the fat accumulation, which is common in obesity. The entire plan of this proposed HCG diet is to make the hypothalamus to consume unwanted fat that stored in our body when the body is in a low-calorie diet. This situation compels the body’s fat to be used as fuel to run the body and results in depletion of the abnormal fat accumulated reserves.

Benefits of Clean Start Weight Loss

  • HCG, when used with a specific (500cal/day) high protein, low fat diet, results in significant weight loss
  • Quick fat loss: 1/5-1lb/day (average: 3/4lb /day)
  • No hunger: hCG releases 1,500 calories into the body

Ketogenic Diet 

The body uses stored fat for energy. With every successful story, consistency and compliance is the key.

Clean Start Weight Program

HcG Injections

Injections and are used to help release fat from the primary fat deposits of the body.

What is B12?

B12 is a water-soluble vitamin and is essential for our body’s vital functions. Usually, B12 is found together with other B vitamins as a complex. Even though B12 can be found in many food substances that we eat, certain lifestyle habits and medical conditions may result in B12 deficiencies.

What are Lipo injections?

The fat burning substances included in this injection are:

  • Inositol – a form of B-vitamin that promotes the health of the human cells and nerve synapses; promotes fat metabolism; reduces blood cholesterol levels; controls mood, appetite, and moods.
  • Choline – an essential compound that helps the liver to perform its functions and promotes excretion of many waste products. Choline prevents fat accumulation in different parts of the body and cholesterol accumulation around the lumen of the vessel walls. This is important for the good health of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and hepatic systems.
  • Methionine – This amino acid acts as a lipotropic agent and promotes fatty tissue breakdown in the liver; helps in lowering the cholesterol levels of the body in order to prevent build-ups in the circulatory system, relieves fatigue, and is useful in some cases of allergies by virtue of its ability to reduce histamine release.

These injections are administered up to twice a week.

How Does HCG Diet Work?

The important phase of the HCG diet is when it activates the process of lipolysis (fat breakdown) in the adipose tissue by inhibiting the lipogenesis. This is possible through the HCG’s direct action on the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is the major organ that regulates our fat stores in the body. The externally given HCG deposit near and on the hypothalamic region and inhibit the process of fat accumulation. Further, the HCG diet increases the speed of fat mobilization from the fat store, hence, increases the discharge of fatty acid from the fat stores. These fatty acids are utilized by the liver and results in the production of energy that is required by the body. These actions of the HCG are intensified when the HCG diet is coupled with a low-calorie diet. This results in average weight loss of 1/2 to 1lb per day.

The hCG treatment program is a customized as minimum time of 23-days of injections(with possible weigh loss of 15lbs or less) follow by 3 days of stric tdieting (total of 26-days) or maxium time of 40 injections(with possible weight loss of 20lbs or more), follow by 3-days of strict dieting (43-days) includes weekly visits with the Wellness and Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner to adjust your dose as needed, daily injections (at home) of the hCG hormone, and a specific diet and maintenance plan to optimize your results. With a personalized plan for it had been shown that patients have seen up to a 20 lb weight-loss over the first 40 days of the program.

Abigail C. Diggs, FNP-BC. Is a board certified Nurse Practitioner, a clean weight loss Certified practitioner, Cetified Aesthetics Practitioner and a Dermatologist Nurse Pactitioner will customized a program specifically unique to your weight loss goal.

Medical Weight Management

Drugs used regularly in a medical weight loss plan can include:

  • Belviq® (Lorcaserin HCl) – Belviq is an appetite suppressant that makes the patient feel more full, faster. When used with a healthy diet and exercise it can help patients lose weight.
  • CONTRAVE® (naltrexone HCI/bupropion HCl) – Works on two areas of your brain, the hunger center and the reward system, to reduce hunger and help control cravings.
  • Phentermine – A short term solution for appetite suppression. Works best in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Abigail C. Diggs, FNP-BC. Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and founder of the Wellness and Aesthetics Center will prescribed medical weight loss plan and will be your personal weight management coach throughout your entire experience who will be available to you anytime as needed.

Vitamin Injections/Shots

Vitamin injections administered directly into the muscle are more effective than oral vitamins alone due to increased absorption. Including vitamin injections in any wellness regimen will help to promote balance, rejuvenation, and vibrancy. The following are the vitamins we recommend for our regimen:

  • Vitamin B12: Energy metabolism, mood, and blood health
  • B-Complex: (combination of B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacinamide), B5(Dexpanthenol), and B6 (Pyridoxine) energy, stress, metabolism, and immune support.
  • Weight-Loss Support Plus: Maximum strength lipotropic amino acids and B vitamins:
  • (MIC): The fat burning substance.
  • Glutathione: brightens skin, promotes collagen, detoxifies liver, and strengthens hair, skin, and nails.
  • Testosterone Injections: Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for the normal growth and development of male sex organs, and play an integral role in libido, mood, energy level, bone density, cognitive function like memory and concentrations.

Vitamin injections can help to support your overall health and wellness journey.

Hydration Therapy

Myers IV

It’s called the “Myers cocktail” and was developed by a Baltimore, Maryland physician named John Myers. The nutrient treatment centers around an IV drip that replenishes the body with multiple B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C.

The benefits are promoted as an alternative treatment for overall well-being. The nutrient IV therapy is excellent at treating conditions from asthma to fibromyalgia to migraines and chronic fatigue syndrome.*

The Myers cocktail works fast to deliver essential nutrients and hydration into the body via the vitamin IV drip. Most people are too busy 24/7 to always choose the proper healthy diet. The intravenous route is the most efficient and effective method of correcting nutrient deficits inside the body’s cells, where they are often needed.

*Individual Results May Vary 

Glutathione IV Therapy 

In addition to keeping our bodies young and healthy, glutathione helps to reduce pigmentation in the skin, allowing the skin to appear lighter and brighter. The simplest explanation of how Glutathione works to lighten the skin and reduce hyper pigmentation is that it inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase, which produces melanin, the dark pigment in the skin.

*Individual Results May Vary

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

The Wellness and Aesthetics center works exclusively with a brand of pharmaceutical grade supplements only offered through healthcare offices. You cannot find these high-quality supplements in your local drugstore or health food outlet.

After a customized consultation with your personal board-certified nurse practitioner, who will individualize supplement needs and that may recommendation only based on your overall health needs.

Cosmetic Procedures

Chemical Peel 

Facial skin is mostly treated, and scarring can be improved. Benefits include exfoliation, but it also builds collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, boosts radiance, shrinks pore size, diminishes dark spots, clears the complexion, and can even help with rosacea.


This is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions.


Botox is the commercial name for the use of neurotoxin, botulinum toxin. This neurotoxin is widely used in cosmetic applications. Botox is produced by a microorganism named Clostridium Botulinum. The small doses of this toxin are injected into the areas of wrinkles. The injection makes the wrinkle disappear within 2-3 days of injection.

Botox induces mild paralysis in areas where the injection took place. The effect of Botox remains for 3-4 months. After this period, repeated treatment with Botox helps to keep the wrinkle away. This is one of the safest and most effective methods of anti-aging treatment procedure practiced by millions of cosmetologists around the world.

At the Wellness and Aesthetics Center, your personalized board certified nurse practitioner, certified aesthetics practitioner and dermatologist nurse practitioner will utilize this non-surgical correction of wrinkles to beautify the beautiful you. The high efficacy and low side-effects make this procedure a popular procedure to hide the wrinkles in the face.


Aging brings the unacceptable changes in our face, which is the development of frown lines or glabellar lines. These lines are developed in between your eyebrows. These lines make you look odd and more often make you uncomfortable, suppressing the beautiful you. However, now an important procedure, safe injectable had been introduce that helps to keep your frown lines away and maintain your beautiful you. You have your personal board certified practitioner with many years of patient safety experience will work with to beautify the beautiful you.

The use of Dysport makes the life of patients easy. This is because Dysport treatment does not involve any surgery. Dysport is injected into 5 areas of the eyebrows. This whole procedure lasts for about 15-20 min. One can expect the result of this procedure 2-3 days after the injection. The smoothening of the frown lines do not necessarily interfere with the facial expression, but Dysport does its work gently with an evident disappearance of frown lines.

The effect of Dysport stays for around 4 months. After 4 months, Dysport injection should be repeated to prolong the effect of the Dysport. The statistics show that more than 97% of Dysport users want to get their second Dysport injection and are very much satisfied with the results, especially when given by a specialized practitioner that will customized cosmetics needs.

Dermal Fillers

As you age, your skin naturally starts losing its texture, elasticity, and strength. The smile lines, the crow’s feet and even the frown lines become evident as the years pass. Dermal fillers can be one of the effective solutions for aging skin. When they are injected, they increase the volume of the face adding more strength to the skin.

Dermal fillers can plump thin lips, enhance the face contour, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and improve the total appearance of the skin. The maximum benefits of these fillers can be obtained by people with the early signs of aging. While face-lifting surgery can be an invasive procedure most people hesitate to go through, dermal fillers are a non-invasive and a more affordable option to battle with skin aging.



JUVÉDERM injectable gel fillers are used to inject deep into the skin to regain the lost volume of the face during the aging process. This is used in adults over 21 years old and has proven to show highly effective results.

JUVÉDERM gel corrects the volume lost, and it improves the face contour once it is injected and it is effective in treating moderate to severe wrinkles, fine lines, and aging skin folds.

This filler is not only used to enhance the facial contour, but also it can be used to augment lips and to enhance its volume. For this purpose, our therapists inject the fillers to the lips and perioral area. This plumps up the lips and reduces the perioral lines, giving a youthful look.

JUVÉDERM is the #1 selling collagen filler in the USA and is the only filler proven to last up to 2 years once injected. Produced with hyaluronic acid, it has the ability to retain skin moisture and softness while adding volume. These fillers are safe and cost-effective to use. With the help of our specialists, you may now choose the area of the face need to be treated and the type of JUVÉDERM fillers to be used.


Restylane is a hyaluronic acid filler which is used to treat over 30 million people around the world. These fillers smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines when injected into the areas of the skin affected by the aging process. Even after several filler treatments, Restylane will assure a natural young look and an enhanced contour.

Restylane has several types of fillers, and the choice of the product to treat your skin will be carefully chosen by our personal board-certified nurse practitioner and certified aesthetics nurse practitioner. After a complete examination of your face and the degree of volume loss, the fillers will be injected into the necessary areas of the face, reconstructing the lost volume.

Together with this, Restylane fillers can also add an effect of face lifting and lip enhancement. Although the effects of face lifting will not be as much as from a face lifting surgery, these fillers show a greater effect when compared with the other non-invasive face lifting treatments.

To get optimal results, you and your personal board-certified nurse practitioner and certified aesthetics practitioner will customize your cosmetic needs and on the individual needs basis, you may require more than two treatments.

Wellness Services

Blood Pressure Reevaluation, monitor and refills your blood pressure medication as warrant/needed. If you are already diagnose and taking blood pressure medications and unable to see your PCPs....You do not need to wait for a long time for reevaluations and refills.

Risks of untreated blood pressures:

1. High blood pressure can harden the arteries which can decreases the blood and oxygen to your heart and leads to coronary heart disease.

2. High blood pressure can burst or block arteries that supplies blood and oxygen and can results in stroke.

3. People with high pressure has higher risks of developing chronic kidney disease or kidney failure that lead hemodialysis for life.


VACCINATIONS: All adults’ vaccinations for your international traveling needs.

Hepatittis A Series for Adults 19 and up: $80.00 per doses, 2-doses needed.

Hepatitis A/B(combination): $75.00 per dose(Three doses needed)

Hepatitis B Series(Adults) ages 19 and up: $75.00( 3-dose series)

Typhoid Fever(Injectable): 40.00

Meningococcal Disease:ages 11 and up): 120.00 per dose

Yellow Fever: $ 150.00

Office visit for Traveling vaccinations consultations is 35.00. Administration Fee is FREE...

Other Preventive Vaccinations:

Flu Shot(Quadrivalent): $15.00

High dose flu shot for senior over 65 years old: &65.00

Pneumonia(Pneumococcal)-Prevnar 13: $150.00 per dose

Shingles (Shingrix): Adults ages 50 and up: $ 150.00 per dose.


Management of Blood Pressure

  • Re-evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Refilling your blood pressure medication as warranted/needed

Risks of unmonitored blood pressure conditions:

  • High blood pressure can harden the arteries which can decrease the blood and oxygen to your heart and leads to coronary heart disease.
  • High blood pressure can burst or block arteries that supplies blood and oxygen and can results in stroke.
  • People with high pressure have a higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease or kidney failure that leads to hemodialysis for life.


  • Hepatitis A series for adults 19 and up: 2 doses needed
  • Hepatitis A/B (combination): 3 doses needed
  • Hepatitis B series (Adult) for ages 19 and up: 3 doses needed
  • Typhoid fever
  • Meningococcal disease (ages 11 and up)
  • Yellow fever (CDC recommended if you have your yellow book)
  • Low-cost office and traveling vaccination consultation
  • Other preventive vaccinations:
    • Flu Shot (Quadrivalent)
    • High-dose flu shot for seniors over 65 years old
    • Pneumonia (Pneumonococcal) – Prevnar 13
    • Shingles (Shingrix) – adults ages 50 and up
Other healthcare services are available as needed. Schedule a consultation

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