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Wellness and Aesthetics Care Center

Experts You Can Always Rely On

When it comes to your health and well-being, we never compromise. Expect the same from us on matters dealing with aesthetics and weight loss.

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Founded by Abigail C. Diggs, WELLNESS AND AESTHETICS CARE CENTER, LLC. is known for providing excellent services in the healthcare and wellness industry in Houston, Texas.

Our company consists of board-certified and trained field specialists. We always do our best to satisfy your needs. Continue reading to learn more about us by reading the story of our very own company owner.

Abigail C. Diggs, FNP-BC

                  • Family Nurse Practitioner, Board-Certified
                  • Certified Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner
                  • Certified Medical Weight Management
                  • Dermatologist Nurse Practitioner

My love for the healthcare field starting almost two decades ago, working through the educational system to becoming a Family Nurse Practitoner, Certified Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner, Dermatology nurse practitioner and Certified medical weight management practitioner. I have worked in different settings and different areas of nursing and work with different populations of patients all ages; and I enjoyed being an advocate to each individual patient I encounter. Over the years, I learned to listen to the needs of my patients and I understand that the most important aspect of providing care to each individual person is just being there at the moment and being their personal care nurse or provider at that very moment. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, that is my ultimate goal and purpose is being a personal practitioner to each individual person.

My passion for aesthetics medicine and medical weight management came many years ago as a critical care register nurse, where I see patients of all ages suffer and struggle with their weights that led to many preventable diseases including hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, kidney problems, depressions and even more. In most cases, when they get into the ICU, it is too late or they are bedridden and or dependent on others for their basic everyday needs. Unfortunately, for our generation and as the baby boomers gets older, the trends of obesity will increase because of our environment. Fortunately, for us, we can control our environment and through controlling our environment, we can reduce some of the preventable chronic diseases that are associated with our weights. My primary purpose and ultimate goal is to be your personal practitioner to be there at that moment in the quest of walking the journey to your ideal goal of losing and maintaining your weight and to your ideal health. Losing weight is a personal decision that may requires supports systems, including you and your love ones and now you have me as your personal practitioner who will be available at all times throughout your journey. In additional to providing the clean start weight management, that had been proven to be very effective; I can managed your high blood pressure, which been shown to be the number one silent cost of many of our health problems....I am here to give you your reevaluate your blood pressure and other chronic diseases and refill your medications as needed if you cannot reach your PCP....Let be your personal practitioner for all your needs....Also, I provides cosmetics care including Botox/fillers, skin rejuvenation(chemical peels) microdermabrasion, vitamins injections, state of the act health supplements, skincare products for all skin tones and textures and vaccinations for all your travelling needs, flu shots and pneumonia. As a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and a highly train aesthetics nurse practitioner, the Wellness and Aesthetics do consult with some of the highly recognizable medical doctors as needed. 

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